White Collar Criminal Defense and Government Investigations

White collar criminal matters are rarely simple and straightforward matters. Typically they involve large amounts of financial and historical documentation that chronicle the life and decisions made in business. Navigating this maze of documents, coupled with a smart defense strategy is the path to obtaining positive results for those under government investigation or charged with a white collar crime.

Through the use of investigators and state of the art technology, vast amounts of documents can be analyzed and a path forward can be uncovered. White collar criminal charges can arise easily and with little warning. They can be the result of honest mistakes, poor business decisions, or simply based on false or misleading information. Careful analysis, aggressive advocacy, and proven experience, is what a individual or corporate entity needs to survive government scrutiny or accusations.

With more than 20 years of experience, Richard H.S. Sing can provide the immediate guidance, intervention, and advocacy needed to navigate the complex and unforgiving world of white collar prosecutions.

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