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At The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing, we focus on defending people accused of crimes. We do not represent corporations or the government. We are passionate, practical, and experienced in defending and protecting those accused of a wide range of wrongdoing.

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The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing brings over two decades and thousands of hours of courtroom experience to your case. No matter what kind of difficulty you or a loved one is in, we can find the path forward.

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Smiley face Practice Areas

The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing provides legal representation services in many areas of practice.  Mr. Sing focuses on the difficult and tumultuous area of restraining order prosecution and defense, as well as administrative and licensing matters related to professional misconduct.

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Our goal is to effectively advocate for the people who come to us for help. Our expert legal guidance, meticulous preparation, vigorous advocacy, and a complete familiarity with the criminal courts of Hawaii help put our clients' minds at ease and obtain the best result for our clients.

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The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing provides expert legal advocacy and guidance to those accused of misconduct. With over 20 years of trial experience, Mr. Sing will provide you with careful and expert advice and can vigorously navigate the complex world of our criminal justice system.

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