One of the fastest growing areas of the law involves computer crime and Internet crime. At The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing, we have stayed up to date on all federal and state developments regarding Internet crime and computer crime. Our in-depth knowledge of computer law, coupled with our results driven approach to defending cases, results in the best outcome possible for clients.

Computer Crime Lawyers

We have successfully defended our clients from a number of computer crime prosecutions. Like the wire and mail fraud statutes before it, so called computer crimes are nothing more than an overly broad repackaging of the same government allegations. We argue that these mechanisms are inappropriately redundant and focus on form over substance in defining what constitutes a federal crime. This is a new advent and illustrates the government’s inability to grasp new technology and advances. For crimes of old, such as robbery, stealing using the threat of force was stealing using the threat of force, whether the criminal defendant allegedly used a knife or a base ball bat. Despite the confusion that stems from this type of legislative window dressing, throwing a computer at your victim does not make you a computer criminal.

A shrewd Criminal Defense Attorney can use this confusion to his or her advantage.