Prostitution and solicitation offenses are serious business in Hawaii. While some believe that these kinds of offenses can be victimless crimes, Hawaii laws and zealous prosecutors think otherwise. Arrests and convictions for these kinds of offenses not only come with the potential for incarceration, mandatory court supervision, and stiff financial penalties, but also endanger your reputation and career.

Law enforcement in Hawaii dedicates time and resources to targeting “johns” in sting operations and “providers” in reverse sting operations. The internet has become a primary starting point for both of these kinds of police enforcement actions. Even if sex acts are not performed, the intent to perform such an act can be construed as a crime and prosecuted.

Fortunately, individuals charged with prostitution, or solicitation offenses have some options. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can keep you out of jail, reduce your penalties, and keep your good name intact through utilizing smart and effective legal strategies.

Promoting Prostitution

Promoting prostitution in Hawaii is separated into degrees, both of which are felonies. Accusations of promoting prostitution are very serious and require immediate and sophisticated intervention by a knowledgeable attorney. These cases often include elements of human trafficking and draw high profile media scrutiny.

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