Driving Under The Influence of An Intoxicant

The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing provides top notch legal defense for anyone facing DUI charges in Hawaii. Driving under the influence (“DUI”) is known as Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of an Intoxicant (“OVII”) in the State of Hawaii, and can result in immediate and significant consequences.

A conviction for this offense will result in a criminal record that may affect your current or future employment or educational prospects. The Law Office of Richard H.S. Sing has years of experience handling these kinds of cases, assuring our clients the best outcome possible.

Because of the complexity of DUI cases, it is generally a good idea to seek legal counsel quickly. Your arrest for DUI triggers processes that you are probably unaware of, but will need to address. A knowledgeable and experienced DUI lawyer can help you navigate this confusing process and obtain the best possible result.

Misdemeanor DUI

A misdemeanor DUI charge may not seem like a big deal, but a conviction will result in a criminal record and the imposition of significant penalties including suspension of your license, the imposition of fines, and in some cases jail time. Without a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer, you may be unaware of the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. Pleading guilty to any criminal charge may be the wrong way to go, and having an experienced DUI lawyer assisting you could make all the difference.

Felony DUI

A felony DUI charge in Hawaii can (and often will) lead to jail time, heavy fines, and a long suspension of your driving privileges. This will affect your career, your home life, and more. Because of the serious penalties associated with a felony DUI charge, those accused are entitled to trial by jury. You need a skilled lawyer familiar both with Hawaii DUI law and procedure, as well as the complexities of trial by jury.

Administrative Revocation

In addition to the institution of a criminal DUI case, an arrest for DUI will trigger a process that could result in the administrative revocation of your license. An experienced DUI lawyer can take actions to ensure your right to a contested hearing is asserted and obtain the best result possible at the administrative hearing.

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