The juvenile justice system can be a secretive and confusing place. For a parent, receiving a telephone call in the middle of the night that informs you that your child has been arrested, is a terrible and disappointing experience.

Even a knowledgeable and educated parent needs professional experienced guidance when dealing with crimes committed by juveniles. The rules and procedure involving minors who are accused of committing crimes are significantly different than those that apply to adult offenders. An experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney is essential to ensuring that your child’s rights are protected and that he or she is treated fairly.

Serious juvenile offenses can sometimes lead to that minor being treated as an adult through the Waiver of Jurisdiction process. This means that children as young as 14 years of age can sometimes be considered adults for adjudication and sentencing purposes. These proceedings should be fought vigorously and expertly. An experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney is essential to ensure the rights of your child are protected.

Any criminal allegation against a juvenile should be treated seriously. Your top priority should be to protect the future of your child. This may mean trial advocacy, navigating the world of treatment providers, or simply understanding the complex confidentiality rules that apply to juveniles.

The best way to protect the rights of your child is to immediately seek out an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney.

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