Appealing a Conviction

While an acquittal is always the best result in a criminal case, appeals and other post conviction relief are sometimes the only recourse following a criminal conviction. The injustice of a wrongful conviction often stings more than an unfair accusation, and inevitably requires the intervention of an experienced appellate attorney.

Appeals can come from incorrect decisions made on pretrial motions, bad plea deals, or following a judgment of guilty by a judge or jury. In most cases, a wrongfully convicted individual must act quickly to protect and preserve the right to appeal. Not acting within 30 days of adverse judgment could mean losing your rights forever.

An appeal is really a second chance to clear your good name. Through the appellate process, the facts underlying your conviction can be examined, as well as the fairness of the legal proceedings raised. Mr. Sing has the experience, expertise, and skills needed to investigate, evaluate, and advocate against, your wrongful conviction.

Common Appellate Issues

Error at the pretrial and trial phases as denials of motions to suppress

Admission of improper/prejudicial evidence

Flawed jury instructions

Prosecutorial misconduct

Ineffective assistance of counsel

Constitutional issues

Insufficiency of proof

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